Rugged Maniac?

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‘Rugged’ Maniac? Not so much. We arrived just in time to get our shirts and bibs. We went to the start and we were off. Ilaiza and I were excited and perhaps a little nervous based on the little information we had about previous courses. Our obstacles included: hills of gravel, dips and hills with loose dirt (about 80% of the obstacles), 2 times we crawled under barbed wire but with about a foot clearance under most of the wires, the barbed wire had some mud we had to crawl through (it only got deep once and Ilaiza did not even get her chest muddy or wet going through this), the walls were 4 feet and 6 feet (there was a small step across each wall making it far too easy), some 10 foot climbing structures, a big slide that ended in a pit of water, one 10 foot pipe for sliding down then one 10 foot pipe to climb up (had a rope in it), and a tunnel dug in the ground with wood planks over the top that had 2 turns in it (it was rather dark), then the final obstacle had a couple climbing structures and a rope net for climbing across a drop. Sound difficult? If you read my previous posts about the description of this event, this is like describing something we put together at my house to cool off in the summer. The giant slide at the state fair is tougher to navigate than this course. I was skeptical about the winning times for this race but I see now that anyone who can do a little sprinting could easily finish in under 30 minutes.

All that being said, it was a blast. We had a lot of fun (mostly watching other people struggle through something that we cruised through. people were crawling on their bellies through the mud under the barbed wire while we stayed on our hands and knees. She is tiny enough, she could have crouched through some of that barbed wire. Challenging would have been trying to walk over the wire. It was fun, but I want more of a challenge. Louis and I were entertaining the Spartan race in February but I looked at the description and it looks a lot like this one. There is a Super Spartan but the one here is only the sprint, a 5k. I think the Tough Mudder looks like more fun and waaaaaay dangerous (the video shows people walking through electrified wires hanging down while walking through water). That makes the race worth the training 🙂

Mudder also gives a cool headband, decent beer, a shirt, and a medal. we got the beer and shirts for this one. The most fun, actually, was the water tank truck pulling up as we got to the hoses and opening up so we could wash off. The water was not only high powered, it was warm.

Would I do it again? Yes. This was essentially Ilaiza’s first race. That made it even more special. I am ecstatic I could be there with her for this. We had a lot of fun. We also celebrated in my traditional method after the race, Grimaldi’s Pizza.


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