Rugged Maniac -1

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Tomorrow is the race. I read that the winners will finish in 20-25 minutes. That is insane. The run is 5k. There are obstacles and mud throughout the race. They are running 3 miles through mud and over 12 foot walls with a time of 7.5 minute miles. The world record for the 5k is 12:36:22. They say the average finish time is 1-1.5 hours. That is about an 8-10 mile run for me right now. I can handle that. The other stuff is just grist for the mill.
Running is like being in a relationship. You devote time, resources, energy into it and you are happy and content. Running a race is similar to holidays. If you put your time into the relationship on a daily/weekly basis, the race runs smoothly and you finish. Having deadly obstacles in the way is like going dating a young woman or a bipolar one. You still engage in the relationship but you have to be a little more aware of your surroundings and watch where you step or you get mauled. Inattention to those obstacles (and you know what they are and when they are coming once you have a little experience) can be disastrous. We still do them because we need to prove something or learn something about ourselves. And to be honest, sometimes we need the abuse to help us feel more alive.


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