Rugged Maniac -4

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Well, I thought I was over this bug but I guess I was wrong. I did one set tonight of sit-ups, pull-ups and weights and I have been attempting to cough up a large part of my lung since then. I am not thrilled about this. Not to mention the fact that this coughing is not really productive. Last week, I was able to cough stuff up. This cough is the annoying kind that is all muscle and no phlegm. This makes it painful. I do not take meds because nothing ever works for me. I do not mind that because I do not like taking meds of any kind anyway. I will still persevere and do another set before bed as well as more sets tomorrow.

I will postpone my advancement to 8 miles this week though. I will push that to next week. I still have time to push to 12 miles continuous running in my training before PF Chang’s.

Still working on weight loss. I have lost 14 pounds and I am stepping up my workouts as I get more time without coughing. 2-3 times a day of 2-3 sets of sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, weights (dead lift, static) and then a run mixed in there. The kids getting up is really taking away from run time though. It is getting to the point where I need a 2 hour block at least once a week to go for a run. I can still go for the shorter runs and I do, but I will need the longer runs to prepare my mind and body for the half marathon. My training time should be during the day should the weather in January be comparable to the most of the races, temps in the 70s and enough humidity to be uncomfortable.

I am optimistic for both the Rugged Maniac and PF Chang’s. I will do better than I anticipated (by showing up, if nothing else) and I will put all I have into each race. The point is to have fun. The point to training is to lose weight and get healthy and fit. The race is just a moment in time, a snapshot in the middle of the training. The training is the true marathon. It is the race that requires the most endurance, the dedication and the discipline of body, mind, and heart to continue on. I find that the training is the real test of my mettle. Anyone can show up on race day, but can anyone show up everyday?


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