Rugged Maniac -6

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Minimal workout today. Kids have stopped sleeping through the night so I am back to cherishing sleep because I am not sure when I will be getting any. Some cardio (push-ups, pull-ups) and weights too. Nothing intense or very long.
I had about 2 hours of meditation today. I mixed in a nap in between but felt rather crappy after the ‘nap.’ It was that Sunday afternoon type of nap that is needed but you wake with a dry, horrible taste in your mouth. You feel more tired after the nap than before or if you had not gone to sleep at all. So I got up and meditated again. Tomorrow will be the beginning of extending my runs. 8 miles with 4 continuous and moving to 5 continuous by the end of the week. The plan for next week is 10 miles with 5 miles continuous extending to 6 continuous. I will see how my body responds to this before extending further. My aim is for 15 miles with 12 continuous before PF Chang’s in January. Weight training has really helped my thighs and knees on these runs. I do not feel as much pain when I run continuous now. I hope the continued weight loss assists my continued running improvement.
Still looking forward to Rugged Maniac but my focus is also on a grander picture. Plus, it will be great experience for running in the Spartan in the spring.

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