Weight Loss Day 40

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I got my appetite back today but I have not changed my diet. This illness had taken away my desire to eat for a week. I forced myself to eat but I did not eat much in the last week. I actually had the desire to eat today combined with actual hunger pangs but I refrained. I have trained myself well. I am sticking to this regimen. I still aim for 30 pounds before the PF Chang’s (now) 1/2 Marathon. It should be an exciting time. This is the 10th year of the race so there will be more hoopla associated with the whole thing. Plus, we have always run the full before and missed all the post race fun because people get bored after 5 hours of waiting and by the time we got there, school had usually started the next day.

My ankle is s till tight but I can run on it. I have not been able to train for the Rugged Maniac aka Suicide by Mud. (well they do not call it that now, but after I am done, it will have a new name)

Meditation is not coming easily with these coughing fits. Night is the time when the coughing starts and it does not matter what I am doing or what position I am in, they come in full force. Fun times.

and this too shall pass…

We have a 3 day weekend this week and I might be taking a couple days off the following week (we only have 2 days of work that week) depending on how I feel. I did go to work with only 1 day rest after my first couple of 6 hour marathons, so I do not see this as being as bad. I look forward to having fun with my friend and getting nasty dirty with her. 🙂


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