Weight Loss Weigh-In

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I lost 3 more pounds as of this morning. My total weight loss now is 13.4 pounds. Seems like my temperature has gone up at times either through a fever or increased metabolism. This has created a catabolic effect causing me to burn more kcals. It is good in this case. Something similar happens with certain disease processes like cancer where a person has a low-grade fever. The have increase the person’s kcal input otherwise the person wastes away. This is often put off as part of the treatment, but it is also from a fever that is not noticeable or is perceived as not dangerous. I have plenty to waste away at this point. I am almost halfway to my goal of 30 pounds. The next 17 pounds can be difficult but I am increasing my exercise and increasing the diversity of exercises to engage different muscle groups and more core work. P90X and yoga are a big part of that.

I went swimming this morning and is was awesome! I love swimming in cold water. Some might not consider that water ‘cold’ but compared to the water in August, this should have ice floating in it. As part of my increased discipline, I am swimming or taking a cold shower each day. Neither hurts me but either gets me in the proper mindset to do these exercises simply because I must. The goal is often easy, a race, but if there is no race scheduled right after, then there seems to be no obvious reason to train. Training must become the goal. The ultimate goal must be discipline. This is why I incorporate meditation into these entries. Meditation is a practice that seemingly has no place in all this but it is the most crucial. As I have mentioned in at least one previous entry. That being said, to establish and maintain a meditation routine is probably the most difficult and requires the highest discipline.

SO far, I believe I have disciplined (taught) myself to stop eating casually and constantly (again). I have disciplined myself to some type of exercise every day (no matter how I feel). I have disciplined myself to join in whatever nutso race my friends want to participate in. This is going to be a fun ride be sure to strap in and keep your hands in the vehicle, they have barbed wire and fire.


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