Weight Loss Day 19 (repost) and Day 20

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I wrote this yesterday but it disappeared. :/
Another day of inactivity. I was in pain again from my ankle. Each time I tried putting any pressure on it, I got sharp pain. I hope this is the last day of this. I continue to maintain my lower calorie/sugar dietary change. This change is positive for weight loss as well as overall health. I read a couple years ago that reducing your calories by a third can extend your life. By half can also create positive health changes. I am definitely on the right path for this.

The thing about this is that I am not suffering through it. If I want to eat, I drink a few glasses of water and the craving usually goes away. If it does not, I can usually find a substitute or I can reduce the amount I eat. Being prepared and aware of what (and how much)I put into my body is the key. I use an app on this iPad to track exercise and dietary intake. Tracking food helps one become conscious of what is taken in. One of the habits I had in the past was automatic eating. I would sit and snack and before I knew it, I would have emptied a bag of candy or chips. I have always been aware of my eating habits and I also knew when I deviated from my lower sugar choices about 6 months ago. I just chose to ignore it.

Day 20
No pain this morning so far. Allergies are still affecting me but they are not usually a problem when I run. The wind and the constant breathing acts to dry my sinuses.
I am back on track and I feel better as a result. Concentration is easier and chores are getting done as I mentioned in a previous post. The plan tonight is 6 miles and 2 more 6 mile runs tomorrow.


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