Halloween is coming

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Getting ready for Halloween. Well, this is a project that will probably become more involved as my children get older. This year and last involve some art projects at home as well as my son telling us a few dozen times a day that he wants to be Ironman. Every time he tells us this my daughter tells us she wants to be Captain America or Thor. I like the pretend aspect of it all. Children get to pretend to be something else yet have genuine fun that involves adults. How often do the adults get to participate in the imagination of children? We are so often pushing our children to perform or produce because if you are not making something (grades, money, a nicer looking room or house) then you must be lazy, unskilled, or unmotivated. Bottom line… worthless.

This is the culture we live in. Produce or you have no worth. Too bad. I think more adults need to participate in Halloween, pretending to be something or someone else might do a lot of people some good. Children need to be children but, I think, so do some adults. Way too many adults take themselves to seriously even in play. I often find thoughts running in my head along these lines, “What will people think if my child acts like this?”, “How will my children do in school if they never learn this?”, “What if my children do not get along with their teachers, how will they do in school (job, life, etc.)?”. These are the tribe’s thoughts. These are my ego’s interjections into my consciousness. These thoughts are damaging to my relationship with my children. I acknowledge these thoughts and dismiss them as readily as I can. This is my way of pretending myself. I am pretending to be a part of society, but I want more than society can offer my family. I like being able to think for myself and I hope that is the lesson I am teaching my children. This is an ongoing struggle but I like to think I am making a little bit of progress every day.

I think I will go pick out my costume too.


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