Weight Loss Day 13

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4 slices turkey bacon
3 cups blended veggies with lemon
1 cup buttered popcorn

18 each – sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, planks
4 mile run with the final 3 straight through no stopping

1 hour

I need to look up some of the exercises they listed in that Rugged Maniac training list. it looks difficult. I am not sure which will be harder, the race or training for it. I still might run the full marathon, but I will plan for the half since my friend Louis is running too. He is unable to go with us to the Rugged Maniac because he has a triathlon the next day. I give myself a year before I begin training in earnest for triathlons.

I know this is/will be hard on my wife but this is the best for all of us. My physical/mental health have been deteriorating for awhile with the lack of sleep and exercise and the large amount of sugar I have been ingesting. this will also be beneficial for my wife since we are doing our own biggest loser competition here at home. I think she knows she has no chance, but this will be fun.
Speaking of biggest loser, I am fairly sure I will win at work too. Listening to others discuss their diet is encouraging. They have been eating cookies, cake, alcohol, and other high calorie/fat/sugary foods. I can use the money to buy a new computer on Black Friday, the prices look like they will be lower than the last couple years (or just pay for a month of daycare).


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