Weight Loss Days 10 and 11

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The original Day 10 was lost in the e-byss, so I am combining the 2 days here.

Day 10
Ran tonight for 3 miles but most of it was tempo running. That felt good. Feeling stronger and not missing the kcals at all.
Diet – PB&J
baked potato wedges and turkey sausage
exercise – same exercises the day number plus 5
Meditation – 40 minutes. The meditation really helps here. I find that I can concentrate and cravings that I might normally have are not really there anymore.

Day 11
Weighed in this morning at work. Came up as down 4 pounds from last Monday but the scale here is 2 pounds heavy so I am actually down a pound from Monday.

Diet – PB&J
gluten free pasta with organic red sauce
2 liters of water

Exercise – same exercises 16 reps each

I am finding that focus is easier at work and when I get home, I do not fall into a coma staring at the computer or the television. I am still aiming at 30 pounds by Thanksgiving, I believe this is not only possible, it is imperative for success at our marathon goal.

lose 30 pounds by the end of November
keep up with running training schedule
SUB 4 hour marathon in PF Chang’ this January ’13
Qualify for Boston in January ’14 PF Chang’s


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