Weight Loss Day 9

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Diet – rice bread peanut butter sandwich
Gluten free pasta with organic red sauce
1 cup popcorn
2 cups salad with vinegar/oil dressing
4oz chicken
.5 cup risotto
1 small roll
Exercise –
push ups 14
Pull ups 14
Sit ups 14
Planks 14x10sec
Running 4 miles ( 80 minutes)

Meditation 40 minutes

Legs are a little sore and my right knee was feeling some twinges but I feel strong and confident that this will happen. W started putting the little ones in bed at 6:30 and it seems to be making all the difference. They still sleep until 5:30 or so, but we have more time after they go to sleep and they fall asleep faster. I do not fall asleep with them and my night is not as long. I hope this pattern holds until spring comes again.


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