Weight Loss Day 8

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A week into this plan…
Ran last night for 45 minutes
Taking vitamins to support change in diet and kcal output as well as to compensate for the recent climate shift. Reduced wheat and dairy intake to compensate for climate shift as well. Drastically increased the amount of vegetables taken in. Increased the amount of fiber to increase the motility of foods moving through my GI tract as well as clean out the residue of the meat and other by-products left from my diet these recent months.
Exercise increase to alter metabolism and increase blood flow and oxygen intake.
Meditation to reduce effects of stress on the body and mind.
All that is 5 pounds lost in a week. This is only the beginning…
The phases get more restrictive and require more disciplined. The first couple weeks are relatively straight forward. Reduce the amount going in and increase the amount going out and weight is dropped. Next comes changing the quality of foods going in and changing the quality of exercise and becoming targeted with my workouts. This will allow me to focus on core strength so I can begin running with earnest while minimizing risk of injury or burnout. Both have gripped me in the past but discipline has been my ally in dealing with these reptiles in the past and will be again.


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