Pumpkin Patch

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We went to MacDonald Ranch this morning to go to a pumpkin patch with the kids. Nice place. Not quite the same experience as Schnepf Farms but it was nice. Nothing was open, the opened early because FOX News was there for their morning show to advertise the Pumpkin Patch. The kids were too shy to go on camera but there was a shot of us on the hay ride (in the background).

They have a really nice petting zoo with a calf, chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, and a cage with peacocks and peahens (the sign on the cage said something about a gila monster but this one was not to be seen). The kids had a blast, although we had to reign Maia in as she kept running after various animals. I would have really liked to cut our own pumpkins but they had already cut them and placed them out for picking. Apart from the hay ride to get the pumpkins, it was no different from going to the grocery store to get them.

I do not remember movies or stories of the old west with ranches that have bouncy houses, zip lines, motorized rides, or 40-foot inflatable slides on them. I would be interested to read those stories though.


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