Weight Loss Day 7

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Days off work are far more challenging. I am not able to keep myself busy all the time With the children around. I have to be available for them so I often have to it around. That involves playing with them which is great, but a lot of the time it involves preparing meals, cleaning up after them, and other life skills tasks. This does not leave time for planning, meditation or chores. Those daily busy activities that allow one to move the body and keep the mind occupied. Meditation is the component I really need to focus on. That is the one that will bring balance and allow the other elements to come into the picture in a functional and organized manner.

9:15 pm Well it has begun….
I ran for the first time since the marathon in January and basically the first workout in 4 years. I have run a few times on the treadmill, but this was actually running on the road.

PF Chang’s 2013…Goal – sub 4 hour.

~~~~~~ The path of a thousand steps can only be completed by taking one step ~~~~~~


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