Weight Loss Days 4-5

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Missed logging yesterday. I had a harder time yesterday. I had a half day with kids and I just did not want to do anything at work. I cleaned and organized but not much else. I only ate some Fiber One and cashews at work then I went home and ate a couple cups of popcorn, a slice of pizza, and a bowl of couscous with broccoli and chicken for dinner. I actually cleaned the floors in the whole house though. I did push ups and sit ups yesterday but no other exercises. this weekend will be difficult with the Deborah King conference online. I will refrain from eating as much as I often do when I am home. I have 2 prizes and a promise to keep as motivation. I have the next 5 days off work. This will be a challenge. I can focus on cooking for the family but I have to focus on cooking light, healthy for Marci. I really need to pay attention to my automatic eating. That is where I get into trouble.
Taking fish oil (2.4g), 2 multivitamins, creatine, and HCG (BID). This seems to stave off the hunger. Now I need to focus on the behavioral component of my eating. I tend to go get the sweets because they are already prepared and I do not need to cook anything. I also sometimes just get up and look for food in the kitchen. I have been better at doing other things than eating when I get like this. I have been gravitating toward chores instead of food. This is better all around. Something else I have not been doing that I need to start again is activities with the kids. This allows me to play with them while also doing non-eating activites.


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