Weight Loss Day 2

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exercise – 6 ea. push ups, 10 sec static sit ups (crunch), pull ups, planks

diet – breakfast – water, .5 C fiber one
lunch – 2 slices rice bread, 1T ea. peanut butter, low sugar jelly (12 g sugar total)
snack – .5 C fiber one cereal
dinner – 2 small tortillas, 1.5 c taco meat, .5c cheese, 1c spinach, .5 c tomatoes, 1T sour
cream, 2 c fruit

Harder today but not as difficult as it has been in recent months to refrain from sugar. Spent a lot more time doing work at work today. Not much spacey time today. a little clearer of thought, not sure if this comes from the recent diet change, or from the weather changes.


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