Weight Loss Day 1

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weighed in at 194.8 – the scale here at school is not calibrated so it shows +2 pounds so here I am listed at 195 because of clothing.

breakfast – abstained

lunch – 2 slices of rice bread, 1T jelly, 1T peanut butter (12g sugar)

Dinner – blended veggies with lemon juice

exercise – 5 push ups, 5 situps, 2 30s planks, 5 pull-ups

hunger pangs are part of this but sometimes it can be difficult to ignore them. This is particularly so when I am just sitting here doing work, not working with kids or doing duty. Keeping busy is one way to stave off the effects hunger can play on a person. within a couple weeks, keeping busy at home will involve running. I suppose I can just put the kids in the running stroller and go for a run to a park (56th?).


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