time for weight loss

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it is now time to work on losing my baby weight. I am less than 4 months from a marathon; we are having a biggest loser competition at work; I am getting fat, lazy, and frankly stupid. I do not like the way I act at work or at home. I lose focus easily, I am short tempered with my family, and nothing has gotten done short of necessity (even those chores are left to the wayside a lot) chores around the house. I find this lack of discipline deplorable. I find I am just shutting down most of the time after work and I do not really cook a lot of the time. we actually, do not even eat until after 6:30 many nights. This is neglectful. This is burnout. I can do better.
Time to make drastic changes…
Stage 1- Diet
The first 2 weeks will be the hardest to maintain the dietary change.
No dairy or wheat.
Nothing with more than 3g sugar.
Snacking is to be calorieless but filling.
No tasting while cooking
4-5 meals daily and nothing after 6 each night.
Meat is secondary source of protein; rice, peanut butter or whey are the primary sources for protein.

Stage 2 – Exercise
Daily exercises
sit ups
push ups
pull ups
planks – can be done with speech groups
static weights – can be brought to work

Multiple times a week exercises

At least once a month

Stage three – Maintenance
Long runs

I want to lose 30 pounds over the course of this competition. I will cut calories to a third of what I have been taking in. Processed sugar is out. Less than 30g a day total. veggies are the primary staple for all meals. I will need to take vitamins.


One thought on “time for weight loss

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