Month: September 2012


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Here I sit in the bedroom away from the family. I was tired of Marci’s yelling so I came in here. I put the game on in here and turned it off in the living room. I was highly volatile and over reactive to Maia this morning. She awoke at 1:30 and then again at 5:30. Se had peed her bed the second time she got up. I think she did not eat enough last night for dinner, explaining why she woke up in the middle of the night. I have really low energy right now so I am having a hard time dealing with anything. I have been struggling with meditation but sleep has been relatively deep. Probably because I have been going to sleep so late. Marci has been going to sleep later because she is stressed. Speaking of which, I need to stop writing and go write progress reports…

time for weight loss

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it is now time to work on losing my baby weight. I am less than 4 months from a marathon; we are having a biggest loser competition at work; I am getting fat, lazy, and frankly stupid. I do not like the way I act at work or at home. I lose focus easily, I am short tempered with my family, and nothing has gotten done short of necessity (even those chores are left to the wayside a lot) chores around the house. I find this lack of discipline deplorable. I find I am just shutting down most of the time after work and I do not really cook a lot of the time. we actually, do not even eat until after 6:30 many nights. This is neglectful. This is burnout. I can do better.
Time to make drastic changes…
Stage 1- Diet
The first 2 weeks will be the hardest to maintain the dietary change.
No dairy or wheat.
Nothing with more than 3g sugar.
Snacking is to be calorieless but filling.
No tasting while cooking
4-5 meals daily and nothing after 6 each night.
Meat is secondary source of protein; rice, peanut butter or whey are the primary sources for protein.

Stage 2 – Exercise
Daily exercises
sit ups
push ups
pull ups
planks – can be done with speech groups
static weights – can be brought to work

Multiple times a week exercises

At least once a month

Stage three – Maintenance
Long runs

I want to lose 30 pounds over the course of this competition. I will cut calories to a third of what I have been taking in. Processed sugar is out. Less than 30g a day total. veggies are the primary staple for all meals. I will need to take vitamins.

don’t want to be just like you

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Not sure what this entry was supposed to be about. It could have been about how we are told as children how much we are similar to relatives and how frustrating that can be if we do not measure up to those relatives. Or even if we equal or surpass the achievements of those relatives, how frustrating it can be to be constantly compared to another person. I might respect or even worship another person but my life must remain my own and whatever I do with it, I would not want to duplicate the life of someone else. I do not think anyone wants to duplicate another person’s life. If nothing else, that would be boring.


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I have been gone for a long time but I am back. I think I will be able to post on this blog now. I have use of an iPad at work and it has blog software on it. I suppose I should use the vernacular, app, to describe that particular piece of software. I am learning this new language along with millions of other PCites who have recently fallen prey to the ease with which one can meld with this revolution in personal computing. The iPad is extremely useful as both a personal tool and a professional one. I am extremely impressed with the intuitive interface as well as the ease of software use. Disappointing is usually the size of the hard drive (16G) and the limited capability of many of the apps, even the paid ones. I really will need to get an iPad but I will need to get a satellite one because without Internet access, this unit is grossly inadequate for providing services.